About Us

Software should be a tool for success, not a hurdle.

We're a startup located in Temecula, CA and we're dedicated to good software. Whether it is delivering high-quality apps to consumers or helping a small business achieve scale and a growing customer base, the principles are the same: the software needs to be simple, responsive and provide more help than hinderance.

We are launching our first product this year: "Arpeggio". Music instructors will find the roster management features powerful and easy to use. Student/Parents and instructors can close the communication loop with full visibility into the schedule and lesson goales/milestones. We also have a couple other surprises in store that will truly distinguish Arpeggio from existing products.

We also provide custom software development for small and large businesses. Being a startup ourselves, we understand the need to need to keep costs down. That is why we strive for maximum code re-use and efficiency in our planning process. Regardless of the size of your business, we dedicate ourselves to discovering what pain needs to be addressed through software and we build around that.

We can help at any point in the Software Development Life Cycle. We can also work with your existing dev team to help get your project back on track, or we can simply take the reigns and guide you down the path to success. We can work with you existing software and port it to web or mobile.

We build our software using the .NET Framework with C#. We deliver native mobile application to iOS and Android using Xamarin. We build fully responsive web applications that look great and work wonderfully on any device be it desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.